Apr 21, 2014

Day 5

Today we went to Savannah. It was a day to explore. It's only about 23 mins from our hotel. We heard about tours you could take...
 We found out we could do the trolley tour and combine it with a dinner cruise. The trolley was 90 mins and it was really so interesting and showed us so much about the area and the history. I love the streets cause the trees are the big huge trees and there is Spanish moss everywhere...
Then we found one of Paula Dean's restaurant's...
It was SOOO GOOD!!! I ate way too much. But then we shopped and tried to walk it all off. I'm sure we didn't though haha. Jeremiah and I just kept saying How good every bite we took was. We even tried collard greens so we could fit in with the "south" way of eating. I had a fun chat with a local photographer. I just love photography and am trying to explore more than just snapping a quick picture of stuff. It was fun to see what he had captured. After we finished in that area we went down along the river to more shops. While we were down there we saw a HUGE freighter come by. Jeremiah said Great Grandpa sent it to us. (He passed 4 years ago and we miss him dearly.) It was a great moment. Then we went on the dinner cruise...
It was very nice. They had a group sing and a delicious buffet. (LOL it seems like all we do is eat haha). We got back to the dock at about 9pm and back to the room finally. What a long wonderful day full of sight seeing. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. That sounds like a better day! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. It's a grey rainy day here in the NW of England but I feel like I am on vacation with you!

  2. That sounds like a much better day! I love that trolley bus...it looks fab! I'm off to investigate what collared greens are now though as I have never heard of them!

  3. Ahhh...collard greens are very similar to spring greens. I love spring greens!


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