Apr 24, 2014

Day 8

We woke up this morning to this gorgeous sunrise. I think it was Tybee Island's way of saying Bye. Jeremiah developed a cough last night and coughed all night long. This morning after we got everything loaded back in the van we ran to the store. I bought a medicine that always helps him at home. For whatever reason it didn't work at all. So after arriving at our destination...
We saw a Walmart. I got some new meds and gave them to him right away and so far he's already feeling a ton better. Evidently just needed some bigger meds. I keep threatening him with he has till tomorrow to be all fixed haha. Do you think it will work?

Tomorrow is flying day. Betty is flying home in the morning from JAX (here) and Fred is flying down to Orlando tomorrow afternoon. I HATE flying. I'm going to be nervous until everyone arrives where they are supposed to be. I just keep telling myself probably millions of people fly a day and they are okay. Fred is so excited of course. I'll be glad to see him. It's funny with this vacation getting to see him in the middle of being gone like this. Now if only he could bring my dog with him haha. Next time I talk to you I'll be at Disney. Can't wait!!!

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  1. Beautiful sunrise Katie. Hope everyone arrives home and at Disney safe and sound and in good health. Poor Jeremiah.


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