May 3, 2014

Day 17

Early this morning Fred got up and started the trip home. He arrived home safely at about 11am. Izzy was so glad for him to be home. He was able to even get the yard mowed this afternoon. We (Mom, Jeremiah and me) moved even more south. We've been to Sanibel once awhile ago I think it was 2007. It was so beautiful and since we were so close we thought we better swing by.

We are in a beautiful condo called Pelican's Roost. You can even see what our room looks like it's 204. We are happy since that gorgeous ocean is out the window again. Well I guess this time it's that gorgeous gulf but you get the idea haha. We saw several pelicans and dolphins while coming over the bridge to the island. It was a horrible rainy day. It rained so hard a few times on our drive here we had to pull over. But when we got here it pretty much stopped. We ran to a grocery store and decided to have dinner in our condo. So neat to be eating at the dinner table and look out the window to the ocean. Don't have that in Indiana. Mom and I ran down to the beach and found a few shells already. No pictures yet. I was just enjoying looking around. Gave the camera a rest for today haha. Poor thing has been working overtime.

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  1. I wish I was there...just so jealous of your gorgeous condo and sea view!


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