Jun 27, 2014


After my last post I said I was going to work on one of my HAEDs. I put some stitches into Grow Together but it's just a blob so no update picture yet. Then I decided Summer better get some stitches considering Spring is still hanging on my wall haha.

We had so much fun last weekend. We went up to northern Michigan (Roscommon area). We drove up and met friends and went the rest of the way with them. It was a gorgeous weekend. Low 70's and the night time temp was in the 50's. Perfect camping weather. If only ever camping trip could be like that. We did the Road Rally geocaching event. There was 53 caches and 192 miles of off roading crazy fun. It was a blast. We laughed and bounced the whole day. We always joke about our vehicle being allergic to Michigan. It seems like every time we go up there something happens. Well our truck made it fine up and back. When we got up to our friends house they had our trailer we store our camping gear in. Carpenter ants had decided it would make a good home so they were EVERYWHERE! They ate holes in our rain fly. We got them all cleaned out and luckily the damage was minor. Those crazy little ants were at least the only bad part of the weekend.

Monday I had a text message from one of my close friends. Her mother has passed away from cancer. Cancer just sucks. It takes the best people. My heart just breaks for my friend and her family though. So if you can spare any thoughts and prayers her name is Amber. I know she can use them.

Fred is going away this weekend. His amateur radio club is having a radio event all weekend. He is camping with his geek friends haha. So I get to watch my DVR and stitch. Now to just decide what I want to work on. Too many choices screaming STITCH ME but at least that means I have the mojo. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. Great progress Katie. Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad to hear that your stitching mojo has returned. I must have gave you mine cause it has sorta disappeared. lol



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