Aug 12, 2014

Garage Sale Paradise

So I told you about going over to Ohio for the Buy Way Yard Sale. It stretches all the way across Ohio on the Lincoln Highway which runs along 30. It's the first road that went across the United States from ocean to ocean. We did this sale last year and just had a blast. We couldn't believe the amount of garage sales. This year we did a tally sheet.

Thursday we did 18 Flea Markets (this meant an area that had more than 10 vendors setup in one place) and 37 individual garage sales.

Friday we did 5 Flea Markets and 22 individual garage sales.

Saturday we did 8 Flea Markets and 22 individual garage sales.

Yep total of 112!!!! (Of course we could have missed writing one down and we passed hundreds more we decided not to stop at!) No wonder I was so tired when we got home. Getting in and out of the van. Walking up and down driveways. It was a blast though! We stayed in Mansfield, OH which worked out perfect. Thursday we worked our way there. Friday we woke up and made a mistake. Instead of going East we went West. Some places this road splits into two. One is an older section and one is a newer section. The newer section seems to have the most sales so we tend to stay on it. This section we accidentally turned on was the older section. So we weren't planning on going there at all. I couldn't find us on the map. We kept finding sales so we were doing fine. Then we found a cute little town with a flea market area around an old train depot. We got out and I asked this little old lady Where are we? She joked and said where do you want to be? I showed her and she said Oh no you are here in Galion. We enjoyed the laugh at me for being a horrible navigator and decided to look around anyway.

Come to see this was a very historic area. It was a very important train depot in history. They had pictures of President Nixon and Eisenhower coming here to see groups of people. Also Lincoln's funeral train came here. It was a major depot to refuel the trains. They are in the process of redoing the depot and making it a museum. So we had a fantastic visit learning about the depot. Then I turned to shop at the flea market area and noticed a table FULL of cross stitch items. Now talk about feeling like the wrong turn suddenly made sense. I quickly walked over to the table to drool over all the goodies and seen the prices were AMAZING. So I told Mom WOW. While I was shopping I overheard her tell someone else that the lady who owned all this had moved into a nursing home. So they were trying to sell it for her to get whatever they could to help her out. So I knew more than I already did buying as much as I could was the right thing to do...

The Mill Hill kits (which I LOVE) were $1 each!!! I found one in my stash that I paid $6 for!! I just love these little things. I found floss and more floss. The bottom picture shows the fabric! It's probably at least $350 worth of fabric. At least. I got it for $125!!!! What a deal!! I told her to please tell the lady at the nursing home how much I appreciate it and I promise to give it a good home.

After this we headed back the right way and at the end of Friday we came back to our hotel. Saturday we went to several we missed Thursday cause they were closing up and then jumped on the main road to get to a friend who was set up selling somewhere. We had a very nice visit with her and then got home. Jeremiah found some things he couldn't live without including two Xbox 360 games for $5 each which are normally $20. Mom found a lot of nice boyd bears and some other goodies and what nots. We also found some fantastic books we added to our school workbooks. It was a very successful year and we have it on the plans already for next year.


  1. What an incredible stash haul!

  2. Sounds like such a fun outing Katie. What a great bunch of stash you got.
    I'm jealous. LOL


  3. It sounds like you have had a brilliant time and what a wonderful stash haul you found! Those Mill Hill's are adorable. Have fun stitching them all :)

  4. Great new stash at a bargain price :) Definitely means you had a great time!

  5. Would love to do this type of outing some day! What fun! Great stash haul!


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