Oct 9, 2014

Vacation Day 2

Today we made it to Statesville, NC. It was a little under a 5 hour day but it felt like a lot longer. There was a lot of traffic, mountains, toll road, and 2 tunnels. We did get to stop at the Tamarack. We always stop there when we are on this route. It's a rest stop but like an art museum. Well it's a store but the things are priced so high it ends up being a museum haha. They also have a cafeteria. Mom loves the apple crisp and she was so looking forward to it. We had a nice time shopping around and trying not to touch things haha. There is also a spot with windows where you can watch some of the artists working. There was 3 different ones working today so it was really neat to watch them for a little bit. Here is a picture of Mom and Jeremiah in front of the building...
We got to our hotel and asked about places to eat. There was a little pizza place within walking distance so off we went to eat pizza and it was really good. Then back to the hotel to rest. Tomorrow we will reach the ocean!!! Can't wait. Someone tell the dolphins I'm on the way please.

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  1. I don't know how you do it, all of the beautiful stitching and the traveling. I couldn't keep up.


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