Dec 22, 2014


Friday I had a great day of stitching. I finished number 8 in the Advent Animals SAL. Only 2 behind now haha. Her name is Pearly Pig. She turned out adorable of course. I'm really enjoying these quick stitches. Next up is a Kangaroo and a Sheep. I look forward to seeing the next animals she designs.

Saturday I wrapped presents most the day. I always get so excited when I finished wrapping. I just can't wait till we open them! Seems weird to put so much work into something you just rip up but the excitement of opening stuff is the best. Seeing the faces of person it. Fred had a radio event. He does amateur radio. His group ran communications for a marathon going on. There was a 5 and a 50k going on. Then if someone needs help they can get with one of the guys to get someone there. Fred said he called for 3 people. One person hurt his ankle and just couldn't make it any further. He really enjoys it and got a nice plaque this time so that made him really happy. When we finally settled down for the evening I didn't do any stitching.

Sunday was a busy day too. We recently bought new TVs. What a pain! Sunday was the day to get them all hooked up. So we had lots of moving around and deciding what went where. But we got it all figured out and we LOVE our new TV. We knew with the hustle and bustle of Christmas day it was better to do it before to get it done. After all that was said and done I have a confession to make...

I'm worse than a kid when it comes to Christmas. Seriously. No joking. Probably about the equivalent of a  5 year old comes out in me. I just can't wait. It tortures me to know something is sitting there. Mom got me Selkie (the HAED I wanted so bad). I bought the fabric and got the threads all ready. My theory was then Christmas day after the craziness is over I would be able to start it. There she sat. Begging. Crying. Needing X's. So I whined. I threw a tantrum. I begged. I pleaded. Finally.....guess what I started yesterday?!?!
This is the largest HAED I've done. 42 pages. 450 stitches wide by 646 high. Only a small 290,700 stitches haha. But this is over 400 stitches already done haha. Blue Blue Blue. The whole first page will be blue. So it's my beautiful blue blob haha.


  1. Yay for early Christmas! I'm the same way, my excuse is that I get a two week break, and I'd be wasting half of it if I didn't dig in to my goodies early. Ha ha. Love the blue blob!

  2. Your so silly Katie. What a beautiful chart. Pearly Pig is adorable.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Is the first page all the same color of blue? And that's larger than any of my projects lol

  4. The Pearly Pig is adorable!
    All that blue will drive you mad! I can't wait to see more of this project, though!

  5. Oh Katie, Pearly Pig is Precious and Selkie has such a dreamy quality about her, she's stunning and I look forward to your progress ")

  6. I love those advent animals! They are all so cute!! Have fun with your new start! What a beautiful blue blob!

  7. Congrats to Fred!
    Love wrapping gifts, too!
    Beautiful work!
    HAED are biggies!

  8. Pearly pig is cute and adorable :)
    Congrats on your new start and that's really a huge one !!

  9. Such a great finish. Sounds like you're having a very busy run up to the holiday season! Great start on your new project.

  10. You are such a kid at heart--it is fun!

  11. Pearly Pig is really cute and that is a great start on Selkie. Christmas really is magic, isn't it?

    Merry Christmas to you!

  12. A gorgeous 'blue' start, I will look forward to seeing it grow. Pearly Pig is so sweet too.


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