Dec 8, 2014

Weekend Progress

Thursday I decided to change projects for the weekend. Here is where I left Seaside Stitches...
I really enjoy working on it but I needed a break for the weekend. So I picked up my Christmas Banner. Here is where I got with it...
I have a poor noseless snowman again. He gets a cute little carrot button so it has to wait till the end. Poor guy. I started this one in June. Here is my first post about starting the piece. I'm glad I got some more stitching done on it.

Saturday we went to the tree farm and got our Christmas tree...
This is a picture of Jeremiah putting the star on top with the help of Fred of course haha. After we did that decorating Fred and I ran out and did some Christmas shopping. It's going to come quick now! It was crazy busy so I'm glad we didn't have too much to do. We had another craft day last week and Jeremiah made 4 more sun catchers. Here they are...
You put these crystals in the forms and then bake them in the oven and they melt. Jeremiah had a lot of fun making them.

Oh hey by the way Measi has posted sign ups for the 2015 WIPocalypse. I'm so glad she decided to host it again for next year.  If you are interested please join in. It's a fun reason to blog.


  1. Nice progress Katie. Jeremiah did a great job on the sun catchers.


  2. The sun catchers are great! Also your stitching is adorable. I especially like christmas banner.

  3. Hello Katie! You done beautifull stitching with all the profects in this post..and I really love the fact that Jeremiah had an oppotunity to put the star in the top of the Christmas Tree! And he made those window ornaments beautifully !!!

  4. Lovely stitching!! The Christmas banner looks very cute:) the sun catchers are wonderful !!

  5. Great stitching progress as usual! Sounds like you've got Christmas well under way! :)

  6. Hello Katie

    Lovely stitching progress and I love Jeremiah's sun catchers. Lokks loke he enjoyed decorating the tree x

  7. Love the Christmas stitching, the tree and the beautiful sun catchers!!! xx

  8. Oh I can't wait to see the rest of the snowman one... I have seen Seaside Stitches. Jeremiah looks so happy! You are good parents/grandparents! I really like the suncatchers... tho they wouldn't be sparkling today... it's icky outside! Hugs!

  9. I love Jeremiah's sun catchers! Your tree looks beautiful. Poor snowman with no nose...


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