Feb 27, 2015

Dog Wisdom Finish

Dog Wisdom Kit by Bucilla
Started Jan 1, 2014
Finished Feb 27, 2015
Took 16 Days of Work
Fred (hubby) got me this kit for Christmas 2014.

I'm happy dancing. I just love this piece. It's so true. I think dogs can sure teach us some important lessons. I've always had dogs in my life. I can't imagine life without them. No other thing in the world will love you so much no matter what.

So my plan right now for March is to spend a week on each new HAED. I've been trying to decide which one but I love them all. So I'll probably have Jeremiah pick for me. It's always nice to be able to blame him haha. The last weekend in March I'm attending a local stitching retreat too. April will start getting busier. So I hope to find lots of time until then. I also want to squeeze in my Mill Hill kit finish for the month but looks like there will be time after the first three weeks are over. Sounds like a plan at least right?


  1. Another great finish! (and we're just two months in) Wow, a HAED next, I'm already excited to see what Jeremiah picks. A local stitching retreat...that sounds like a lot of fun:)

    1. Thanks. They won't be finished any time soon haha. I'm excited too. Of course whichever one he picks I'll pick on him for not picking the other one. The retreats are always fun.

  2. Congrats on the great finish Katie.


  3. I'm happy dancing with you! You did a wonderful job on this! Kuna is pretty impressed too!

  4. Great finish! And great plan for March. It's definitely a good idea to use the extra stitching time you have now for your HaEDs.

  5. Congrats! I miss having a dog around. But our apartment is just too small (we like big dogs) and I know as soon as we get a house it's going to be our first purchase. Probably a rescue.

  6. Congratulations on another stunning happy dance! And well done Fred on choosing a lovely project for you. You've obviously got him well trained to your likings! :)

  7. It is a gorgeous piece! I love dogs too - have three of my own - and I can't imagine life without them. I'd love to stitch this piece but since I live in Sweden it would be expensive to buy it. I better start saving:)

  8. I love the new finish and you are so brave, I don't even own a HAED. They frighten me. Good luck with the new start.

  9. Congrats on the lovely finish!!

  10. Congratulations! I like the idea of dogs but am really scared of them after my brother was bitten as a child. I was with him when it happened and it was horrible. But I can still appreciate your lovely stitching!

  11. I'm more of a cat person but this is still a great piece.
    The retreat sounds lovely, I haven't been on one for years and years.
    I do use my son to help make decisions too!

  12. Congrats on your latest finish!! Looks great even though I'm not keen on dogs.
    Ooh the retreat sounds so much fun!! Wish these were more of a in thing in the UK :)


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