Mar 5, 2015

March WIPocalypse

Today is WIPocalypse so that means we do a check in post on what we've been working on since the last Full Moon. I like to tally up how many days I've been working on what projects. Here is the breakdown...

HAED Hold on to Hope - 2 Days
Christmas Pals Ornaments - 4 Days I finished 1 and started the next one.
Winter WordPlay - 3 Days I was able to finish this one.
HAED Selkie - 3 Days
MH Kits - 1 Day to start and finish my Feb pick
Cut Thru Pirate Ship - 2 Days
Dog Wisdom - 6 Days I was able to finish this one too.
HAED Dragon Skies - 4 Days Just started this one March 1st.
None - 4 Days Not bad at all!

I was able to work on a lot of different projects and Wow 4 finishes in this time span too!! You can find my finishes in the 2015 finishes tab at the top. Here is the progress on my new start HAED Dragon Skies...
There are only two colors so far. B5200 and Kreinik 032. I wish I could get the sparkle to show up better in that Kreinik part but for those who have worked with it you know what it looks like in person. This is 2,280 stitches in. With each WIPocalypse post we also get a neat question to answer...If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?

More Heaven and Earth Designs of course. They take so long. Not really money but the time is crazy. I do enjoy the journey of stitching them so much so that's why I work on them. I definitely would never be able to stitch all of them I would love to. Next check in is April 4th. See ya then!


  1. When I look back over your month I have to admit I'm very impressed! Four finishes AND some new starts. And guess what? I love them all! But those four days of not stitching - I'll award you an A- must do better next month!!! :)

  2. Your new start looks great Katie and so much progress in 4 days.


  3. Great start so far on Dragon Skies!!! Wow!! You accomplished a ton in Feb! Awesome!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a pretty good month for stitching. Congrats on your four finishes! Dragon Skies is off to a great start.

    1. Thank you. I definitely did.

  5. Great start on your Dragon Skies! After all I hear about Kreinik, I am impressed you have survived haha. Everyone seems to have strong feelings about it.

  6. Your new start looks great, I can see the sparkle too! Looks promising.

  7. Great start on Dragon Skies, seeing it progress will be such a treat for us followers;)

  8. I love the sparkle! Looks great. Well done on all your stitching this month.

  9. Considering February is such a short month you did really well!
    I think everyone has opted for wanting more time when they answered the question!

  10. Great stitching progress this month.


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