Mar 31, 2015

Vacation Day 2

Today we had a shorter travel day which is a good thing. I didn't get very good sleep last night. My cold has left me with a rib breaking cough every now and then so sleep for everyone was not very easy last night. Plus we were in the mountains today so the road went up and down and side to side. We also did the toll road part of our trip plus the 2 tunnels. We hate going through the tunnels. At one point we saw north bound traffic sitting still for about 15 miles. So we were going the right direction. We also stopped at a favorite stop we make every time we are this way Tamarack. It's a very nice gift shop type of place. Really really high prices but fun to look. Jeremiah and Mom just LOVE the restaurant and look forward to it every time. Here they are happily getting ready to munch away...
Jeremiah LOVES the Chicken Tenders and Mom can't wait to have the Apple Crisp. So they were happy. Here is an example of the beautiful things they have for sale...
Only $18,000! But this is the 6th one so they have sold 5. We love looking and then hurrying away because of the prices haha. We arrived safe at our hotel and got all checked in. We are in Wytheville, VA for tonight. There was a Shoney's within walking distance so that was nice. I hooked my laptop up to the TV and mom and me caught up on a TV show we needed to watch. I love that you can do that. Thanks for traveling along with us.


  1. Hey we were headed that same way yesterday. We were headed 77-s and we felt so bad for those 77-N drivers.... I wonder if we passed you at some piont on the road LOL Have a fun and safe trip!!

    1. Wow how funny is that. Next time I guess we should wave haha.

  2. Have a fantabulous trip!!

  3. How fun! And nice to stop at an anticipated location. Yikes... don't break anything in that shop. :)

  4. Beautiful smiles, so worth all that driving;) Have fun!

  5. Glad to hear you arrived safely at your second stop - and with a special food stop en route. The mountain scenery must have been fantastic. :)


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