May 15, 2015

2 Mill Hill Kits

Since I had such a busy April I missed finishing my Mill Hill Kit for the month. So yesterday I decided I better get it started since I needed to do 2 this month. Guess what happened?
I got them both started and finished!!! So I'm all caught up on my Mill Hill Kit a Month goal.

Let's see here's the info on them...

On the Left:
Strawberry MHSA9 1991 Kit
On the Right:
Sailboat MHSB21 1993 Kit

Today we took flowers down to my Grandparent's grave. We wanted to get it done before Memorial Day weekend. We also met up with a friend and had lunch. It was a nice day. Now it's guaranteed to storm cause it does every year after we put out the flowers and have to worry they will get blown away. We have some yard work to do tomorrow so hopefully we can get it done before the rain starts too much. Then hopefully I can steal some stitching time. I promised Selkie she gets the weekend to come out to play.


  1. Woohoo! Excellent finishes on both and you can cross that off your "must do" list. That always feels good.

  2. Congrats on the cute finishes Katie.


  3. Love your finishes!! So cute!!

  4. Cute finishes!! :) what is the size of these pieces ?

  5. Very cute finishes! Now get back to Selkie!

  6. Finished in no time and so cute, Great job!

  7. Cute finishes, well done!


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