Aug 8, 2015

Day 2

Today we arrived at our first destination Niagara Falls. We met a lot of traffic again and then remembered it was the weekend. So we joined all the tourists heading into Niagara Falls. But we arrived safely. One thing was really neat since I'm a Holiday Inn Rewards member they had a sign out welcoming the members and my name was on it right by the entrance. First time that ever happened. Jeremiah said Wow Aren't you special haha. We talked with a guy downstairs at our hotel that works with a tour here. He said tomorrow afternoon should be a lot better as far as being so busy. So we went ahead and booked a tour for tomorrow. It will cover everything we want to do and more. So we are really looking forward to it. The falls and everything is within walking distance of our hotel so that's really awesome. We walked down to see the falls and WOW what an amazing thing to see. One time I thought I would be like come on it's a waterfall but something about the size and power of the water is just amazing. Here is a picture of Jeremiah and me...
We finally got back to our hotel and ate at our hotel restaurant which was a Tony Roma's. It was fantastic!! Now we are all settled in for the night. We did a lot of walking today. Can't wait to see all the stuff tomorrow on the tour.


  1. Great to hear you arrived safely. Have fun on the tour! Take lots of breathtaking photos for us readers:), counting on it, haha.

  2. How cool to have your name out front of the hotel! And yes, the Falls are amazing. I've only ever seen them from the Canadian side, so it's different seeing them from the U.S. side.

  3. As you work your way across NY state, consider stopping in the town of Corning. as in Corning ware that you cook with. They have a glass museum that is fabulous! After the "pretties" area, they are more things to do with glass, like the tower of baking dishes - each at a different stage of the firing process, an airplane window, etc. Really cool and somewhat educational without being dull. Then there is also the outlet store. Gorgeous stuff!
    We also made a stop in the small town of Eastman (as in Eastman-Kodak), toured the house and the little camera museum.
    Finally if you are headed towards the Hudson river area - go do a tour at West Point. Just wonderful. Going up (north) the Hudson is one of the Vanderbilt homes, the Roosevelt home and a few other things.
    Also, have your mom check out a "senior"pass for federal properties, it was cheap and then once you bought it, federal properties are free. Don't remember the proper name of it. Might be worth her while.


  4. Lovely picture of you both, have fun!

  5. Great picture have fun!


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