Aug 10, 2015

Day 4

Last night we got a nice surprise. There were fireworks out over the falls. We could see them right out our hotel window. They were fantastic. We thought it was really nice of Niagara Falls to give us such a nice goodbye celebration haha.

Today then we had another travel day. Boy New York is a wide state. We made it to a town beside Albany called Rensselaer. We pulled in and found a room for the night. We were able to get a first floor room which is always nice cause no waiting on elevators to get to your floor. Then we asked the lady about this little restaurant within walking distance. She said it was really good so we walked over to eat. It's was a cute little burger type of place. Our appetizer was a delicious helping of fried green beans. Nothing like taking something healthy and making it bad for you haha. They are so good though!! We had them on another vacation and was really hoping we would find them again. Yum! While we were eating our appetizer the lights all flickered. The TV and radio went off. The fire alarm sounded. But then it stopped. Some of the lights came back on but not all of them. We thought that was weird. Then the entire fire department and a few police showed up. Um....not good. No fire. But what's going on....the transformer outside that powered a large section of town was humming really loudly. So the fireman suggested to close the restaurant. Our food was still cooking though so the manager said Please stay and finish your meal. So I laughed with him about how nice to have a private dining experience and that he sure had a fantastic dinner and a show. Poor guy was going to lose a lot of business tonight.

We walked back to our room after hearing it was half without power. (Good thing we got that first floor room!!) Our room had lights so we lucked out there. But no TV or internet. So we went down to the lobby and played cards together. We heard a fire fighter come in and said they were afraid they would have to pull full power to fix the problem. They had no idea when it would be back. Um...not good news. Literally within 5 minutes of him saying that the power came all back on full. We waited cause I thought well maybe they powered up before pulling the plug. Jeremiah cheated probably and won our game haha. I saw the manager of the hotel and said something to her about the power. She had just got off the phone and they were actually able to fix the problem without pulling the power. So wohoo we were back up and running......hopefully. So now we are resting and relaxing watching TV. I told Jeremiah I think this all happened so I would have something to blog about today. Don't you think so??


  1. Lol yep I think that's why! It's a good thing you had some non electronic stuff to do id have been stitching

  2. A different kind of excitement to end your day. You cant beat a old fashioned card game for fun and laughter.

  3. Whew, what a day you all had! And where was your stitching stash when you needed it? Haha.At least you had fun playing (knew Jeremiah would win, haha, I'll be on his team anytime, lol)

  4. Sounds like an interesting evening. Glad you got your dinner in.

  5. You're really close to me now, I'm waving! :) Lots of excitement that night, I hope it's calmer tomorrow.


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