Oct 30, 2015

Always Thankful Day 1 Progress

I spent yesterday working on Always Thankful by Erica Michaels. Here is where I got...
I finally got it to be bigger than the dime haha. It's still so tiny. I just LOVE it. I already added 4 more of her charts to my wish list. She did these too cute seasonal pieces. It does give my eyes a work out but I'm really enjoyed it a lot over all. It really goes fast! I do have to be careful so I don't have to frog. Frogging this is very difficult I learned. So I'm being extra careful with counting.

Life: Our neighbors across the road moved out of their house. We heard rumors they were going to be tearing the house down and building another one in a different spot on the property. Yesterday we heard all this noise outside...
It was really neat we could watch it get tore down. Here's what it looks like this morning...
Just a pile of debris being put into dumpsters. Jeremiah sure enjoyed watching the chaos. We won't appreciate the noise for awhile but it's going to be neat to watch a new home be built. Our neighbors behind us put their house up for sale. It's scary because we share a driveway and the house is right in our backyard but we haven't had a good relationship with these people for a long time. So hopefully we will actually get along with the new neighbors!

Tomorrow is Halloween. I will be joining in a Halloween Blog Hop so make sure to pop over for that. We are going down to my dad's to help him cut wood. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. That house did not look in bad shape... not like some I have seen. They could have recycled some of those materials... Just not what I would have done, especially when they are re-building on the same property?? I also am looking forward to seeing the progress! Hope you will post once in a while, now that you got me hooked! Ha!

  2. Your miniature is coming along so nicely. It's absolutely wonderful. But I still think you're mad!!!
    Keep us posted about the new house build. Will Jeremiah enjoy watching all the lorries come and go delivering the materials? :)

  3. Stunning stitching, such a pretty piece.

  4. Your new start looks amazing! I love blue and brown together, and it's so teeny tiny cute.
    I can't believe someone would just tear a house down like that. Hope you get some awesome new neighbours. I would love to come live next door to you and come round to borrow from your stash!

  5. Wow good luck on the new neighbors. Here in Cali it seems like every house has another one in the backyard. Literally. There are so many people living here it's ridiculous. Your stitching looks beautiful!

  6. Wow, that was a flimsy house! It looks like it was made from cardboard!
    The tiny stitching is looking great too.

  7. This is just day one of your new project and it's looking great! You're a fast stitcher. Hopefully you get a much better neighbor:)

  8. Great progress already on your tiny minuscule little small project! :)
    It looks wonderful already!!

  9. Oh, wow! This reminds of a story I heard years ago while selling scrapbooking supplies. There was a family that lost their house in a fire. Their neighbors took pictures at various stages as their home was rebuilt and gave them a scrapbook of the photos as a home warming gift when they moved back in. I do hope your new neighbors behind you are friendlier!


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