Oct 10, 2015

Day #11

This picture really shows where we have been so far. Our first stop was right above Nags Head at Kill Devil Hills. Our second stop was right beside Atlantic Beach. Now we are at Carolina Beach. Our final stop will be in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach which is probably on this map too just not marked.

We had some light rain while driving here today but we made it without any real problems. It was only a little over 2 hours worth of driving. We got here in enough time to go visit Fort Fisher. Another amazing museum with so much history. Here are some pictures from there...

The top picture shows a really neat exhibit. It had a 5 minute explanation of the events that happened at this fort. Little lights showed where on the map the story was talking about. It really helped everything make sense to me. I really enjoyed it a lot and of course so did Jeremiah. We also got to watch a very well done video of the history. In the gift shop he got a really nice booklet we will be able to study about the fort. It is a sad history. 4,000 people died here during the Civil War. The middle picture is Jeremiah and Mom walking around the fort. They had a lot of signs with so much information around the whole fort. Another wonderful learning day. The bottom picture shows a part of the fort. I've never been to one like this before. It's not a typical fort I'm used to it's a mound type of fort. Very interesting.

We found a restaurant to eat a big lunch. I had seafood lasagna and it was so good. We got all settled into our hotel and noticed the sky was turning really dark. We got heavy heavy rain. I noticed our parking lot is really flooded...
This poor area has just been hit so hard with this rain lately. I really hope it dries up so we can go to the aquarium tomorrow. It's the last one we had planned to see. We just might have to rent a boat to get there but we'll make it.


  1. Not more rain... I hope things dry up soon and at least you got to be outside while it was dry.

  2. Very interesting fort (sad story though). I wish you sunshine for the days ahead;)

  3. Another wonderful day full of education and ...rain! Thank goodness you were holed up by the time that started.
    Deaths in history very often don't hit home until we visit historical sites. It's certainly the best way of learning about history. I hope Jeremiah really enjoys his book.
    Good luck for the weather and aquarium tomorrow. :)

  4. How interesting! Looks from the map that you travelled a long way. Hope you stay safe and sound and the weather dries up for your trip tomorrow.

  5. Sounds like the fort exhibit is well preserved and very well thought out. Wishing you good weather so you can carry on with your plans.

  6. Send some of that rain our way! We could really use it. Looks like you had another great day. As much as I don't like history I still love visiting historic sites and reading about what happened there.

  7. Oh no, more rain!! Hope it stays away for your trip!


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