Nov 9, 2015

Monday Update

Stitching update first. I got the background finished. Now I'm doing the border. It's finished on the left hand side so you can see what it will look like. Love how it just gives it a little finished edge. Not much longer now at all.

I'm working on setting up my Crazy January Challenge new starts. I have officially decided to do the full 31 new starts. Now the getting them ready part begins. I'm also going to join the Smalls SAL next year. I have a cute little monthly series I want to do for that one. So slowly but surely it will all come together. Sure getting excited about the new starts though.

I'm linking up with the Monday Stitchery Party. Pop on over and see what everyone has been working on lately.

For those here for the stitching I'm done with that part. Now onto my fun geocaching weekend...
It was in a little town in way southern Indiana called Santa Claus. We headed down early so we could do some shopping. They had this adorable Christmas store that had at least 4 million different ornaments. I found 3 that had to follow me home and a few other cute things that I of course couldn't live without. Then we waited for our friends to show up. We stayed at Santa's Lodge and it was all decked out Christmas...
Too cute. Friday evening we went over to the campground and attended an evening event. We got to see some friends we don't see very often so that was really nice. Saturday we spent the day out geocaching. We went over to Evansville, IN. My favorite cache was at Willard Library...
I guess it's the oldest library in Indiana and it's reported to be haunted. The gentleman working there we talked to said his personal experience was if they push in all the chairs at night and lock up, when they open in the morning the chairs will all be pushed back out. Very We really enjoyed touring it. We ended up with maybe 12 caches for the day but we really enjoyed ourselves...
That's my hubby Fred and me right by the Ohio River. It was such a fun day. We went back to the campground to another 2 events too on Saturday. The night one we sat around a campfire. It was perfect. Since we shared the room with 3 friends we had a fun slumber party and really enjoyed getting to know one another better. It was a fantastic mini vacation.


  1. I am loving your progress on this Eric Micheals piece. Very nice. And your mini vacation sounds like a fun time :)

  2. Your holiday sounds great! I love the idea of a town called Santa Claus with a Christmas hotel and a shop selling year-round decorations. Not too keen on the haunted house but I imagine it made your trip more fun!
    Thankful looks great, the border really just adds that extra finish.
    I won't comment on your 31 new starts but I bet you can guess what I'm thinking!

  3. You're making great progress on your sampler! We used to go geocaching a lot, but haven't been in a few years. It's really fun and you get to go places and see things you might not otherwise.

  4. You sure have stitched this one up quickly! I'm thinking about the Crazy January Challenge too but then I think I have too many things started as it is... :)

  5. Your stitching is so adorable, almost done! Lovely pics on your great trip:)

  6. That border really is a lovely finishing touch.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend and always good to go shopping.

  7. That border is a great finish for that piece. You are really moving along on it. So pretty.

  8. Wow! There are so many stitches in your lovely project! (I need to make something Thanksgiving themed...) Your outing sounds like lots of fun and the Christmas shop in Santa Claus, IN sounds delightful! I love the story of the library.

  9. Great job on your stitching. I love the Christmas room very cute!

  10. The border really does finish this one off to perfection.
    What a great weekend, fancy there being a town called Santa Claus...

  11. Beautiful stitching. The border finishes it off really nicely.
    I will be taking part in the January challenge this year but only for 15 days :)
    Still have to prepare my daily bags but that's a weekend task.
    Your weekend away sounds like it was great fun! Fancy going to a town called Santa Claus :D

  12. Your sampler is looking beautiful... I love the border stitches.... really adds that finishing touch! Glad you had a fun weekend! Christine x

  13. Hi Katie
    Such neat and pretty stitching, and I love the border - that's so effective! Not much more to do now!
    Sounds like a great weekend you had too!
    Barbara xx

  14. That border really does add that finishing touch to the cross-stitch! And you are sooo close to finishing!

    Your geocaching weekend sounds like fun.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back. Aloha hugs!


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