Dec 7, 2015

Monday Update

Lots to talk about so let's get to it. I've been working on Life Without Snow. I'm close to finished so I figured I might as well keep at it. Here is where I was after Day 9...
Here is where I am now after Day 14 on the project...
Getting closer and closer. Love the little bird at the bottom pulling on his scarf. I'm linking up to Stitchery Link Party. Pop on over and see what the people who check in have been working on. If you happened to work on something with needle and thread go ahead and post your own update.

I received these gorgeous threads in the mail this weekend...
I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Tiffstitches blog. Aren't they gorgeous? They are my first Jodyri Designs threads. I can't wait to use them. Thank you again!!!

We also went to the Christmas Tree Farm and cut our Christmas Tree...
Jeremiah's job is to put the star on the top. Of course Fred (hubby) gives him the lift up. Now I think our decorating is finally all done. We really went all out this year. I just love all the bright lights and decorations. Now let's hurry and get to Christmas haha. Also I told a few of you ladies I would keep you updated about the house across the road. They had the lot all finally cleared and started building finally. Here is an update...
We found out this is just the garage! It's bigger than the house they tore down. Our other neighbor said the owner has a lot of money. But we also heard he's a great guy. So it will be interesting to see the size of the house. We've sure been enjoying watching all the chaos going on.


  1. Your snowman is adorable! Love the Christmas tree decorating picture. :) The threads you won look wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. So close on the snowman and awesome that Jeremiah gets to put the star on! I'm glad you like the threads. :)

  3. Love your Life Without Snow especially the snowman's scarf.
    Your tree is so pretty.We put ours up a little earlier than usual for our grandsons to enjoy when they visited at the weekend.
    Your Jodyri Design threads are gorgeous.

  4. What a fun project - I love that scarf. Congratulations on your win - they look like gorgeous threads. xx

  5. Love that snowman! The threads are just gorgeous - looking forward to seeing what you use them for. Great finish to a lovely tree.

    Chaos is fun to watch - when it's someone else's!

  6. Snowman looks marvelous, you stitched a lot! Perfect tree finish by Jeremiah:)

  7. I love your snowman! He looks so cute...
    Well done on the giveaway win :o)
    Hugs xx

  8. Aww I love the snowman he's adorable! We tried to get a real tree this year but couldn't justify the cost. So our too big tree is now taking up like a quarter of the whole living room lol

  9. Great progress on Life Without Snow. I love the little bird too!
    Your Christmas tree is massive - I am so jealous!
    Thanks for the update on the house. If that's just the garage I can't wait to see how big the house is going to be!
    And congratulations on your thread win. Now all you have to do is use them! :)

  10. Your tree looks amazing.
    Great snowman, such a fun design to be working on.
    Congrats on your win, nice threads.

  11. Your snowman is adorable, and your tree is beautiful!
    Congrats on your win:)

  12. Wow, great progress on your stitching! I love this design & am still admiring that never ending scarf :)
    Look at your tree, it's MASSIVE!! I am soooo jealous! I can't wait to put ours up this weekend.
    Looks like your new neighbours will be interesting to say the least, with such grandiose plans :) Will be fun to see it all coming along. I liked when you said "across the road". This meaning is really different to the one in UK :) Yours is more like in the field far away...
    Congratulations on winning the lovely threads. Looking forward to seeing what you will be using them for :)

  13. Your snowman pattern is awesome, I love this guy. And the little birdie is so darling.
    A great tree that you brought home from the Christmas tree farm. And you are right - now Christmas can start - but you still have to wait a little while, lol.

  14. Snowman is looking cute!! Lovely threads from Tiffany.
    Nice to see Jeremiah enjoying the Christmas festivities:)

  15. The star on that enormous tree is definitely a two-man job! Great to have these lovely family traditions.
    Your snowman is super cute!
    Like Mii I laughed when you said across the road! Houses in the US seem to have much more land with them. We are all squashed in on our tiny island! My house would easily fit into that garage and probably a couple of my neighbours' too!

  16. Glad that your snowman has a head now!
    Your tree is beautiful, even with a lift Jeremiah needs long arms to reach across!
    The new house is going to be an interesting project to follow.

  17. How cute is that Snowman piece!! Love it! Great big tree there... Jeremiah had to really stretch! Hugs!

  18. That snowman is so cute! It's always our son's job to put the angel on the tree too because he's the youngest... even though he's 23 now. That will be his job until a younger member of the family comes along... lol.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back. Aloha hugs!


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