Dec 14, 2015

Monday Update

It's another Monday. We are getting close to Christmas so life is crazy with lots and lots to do. But I was able to stitch 2 days on my HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) Hold on to Hope. Here is where I am now...
I have 80 days into her now. I'm so close to the bottom of the page. 200 more stitches down till the end the pattern.You can see her knee starting to come into the picture. I'm going to link up to the Monday Stitchery Party. Follow the link and see what other lovely pieces have been worked on this past week. Here's hoping in between all the Christmas preparing chaos we can all find some time for those X's.

Speaking of Christmas Craziness Saturday Fred and I went out shopping till we dropped. We had those last gifts we needed to finally purchase. Here in Indiana we are having crazy warm temps. We've been breaking records for a few days in a row. It's December and we saw so many people wearing shorts. We had to take our jackets off it was so warm. Crazy!! Honestly I wish it was cooler. I live in Indiana it's supposed to be cold in December. But we got all our shopping done. Saturday evening we went to his work company party. It's always awkward because I don't really know anyone, but we had a good time together. I have found the only bad part to being spoiled. When it comes to being in charge of wrapping the presents there is A LOT to do when you're spoiled haha. I'll be doing some each day till it's done. Here's hoping I can finish before Christmas haha. Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. I love the dragonflies and the fairy's wings!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one wishing for colder weather. It was 70° here in Missouri on Saturday, and people thought I was crazy to be grumpy about it. But it doesn't feel like December (or Christmas) to me when it's this warm!

  2. Hope is looking fabulous as ever:)

  3. Katie, she is beautiful! 75% done is getting so incredibly close! Our weather has been wet. It rained so hard on our way home on Saturday night, it was hard to see with the wipers going full blast and it looked like rain was literally washing across the road. Luckily, the local flooding has not affected us. I'll be thinking of you as I work on wrapping gifts this week!

  4. Hope is looking great!! Enjoy shopping, wrapping and then opening :)

  5. She's looking wonderful.
    Not Christmassy weather at all here in my part of the UK, its far to warm, I need to be wearing my Christmas sweater for the festive parties that are coming up!

  6. She's coming along beautifully! I just love the colors!
    I'll be cheering for you as you finish the last 25%

  7. Hope is beautiful!
    Glad you've managed to finish your Christmas shopping. I've done it all & also wrapped it all... It took a while :)
    It's not right is it being warm in December? :) We're having similar situation here in the UK. I think so far we only had one heavy frost!

  8. Lovely stitching..looking forward to another update:)

  9. Hope is looking wonderful. Good luck with the wrapping - I'm very pleased I finished mine on Saturday.

  10. Hope looks wonderful! You know I have a soft spot for her and love seeing your updates on her.
    I hope you are not wrapping your own presents!

  11. Woohoo! You're so close to the bottom! I've managed like maybe 5 hours of stitching in 2 weeks it's ridiculous. It looks great I hope you get more time in!

  12. Lovely stitching! Wow, you are doing so well! I'm sure you'll be finished soon!

    Here in England we are having a sunny morning, way too warm for the time of year too!

    Good luck with the pressie wrapping.

    Have a lovely weekend, Barbara xx


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