Mar 31, 2016

March Smalls SAL Post

Today is the last Thursday of the month so it's time for a Smalls SAL check in. I picked out this chart for this year's challenge...
My goal is to stitch each month during the month it's for this year. So far so good. Here is March all finished up...
I'm cutting them out and displaying them on cork board by my calendar. I'm going to start April's tomorrow and work on it. Even though Easter is already over it's a cute little bunny rabbit. These have been a lot of fun to work on. Let's see what other small things I've worked on this month...
This piece is definitely small haha. I finished it up Feb 29th. It's called Seaside Squared from Erica Michael's. It's done on 40ct and I just LOVED working on it.
These designs are from Just Cross Stitch Dec 2015 Issue. I used some Jodyri Threads I had received in a giveaway. There are 4 of these. They are 74x74 so meet my idea of under 100 threads size for this challenge too.

Here is my last one to report. I just finished it right before this post...
Finish # 13
Seas the Day a PALs Retreat 2015 Exclusive
Designed by Silver Creek Samplers
Started for DUCJC 2016 Day 10
Finished March 31st. Took 3 Days.
Used DMC threads. Fabric is 36ct Silkweaver Molo Evenweave.

This makes 9 of my 31 DUCJC projects marked off the list.


  1. Love your March Cat -- He is drinking a beer - at least it looks like one to me. Love the Colors in Seas the day. I have never worked on 40 ct. I just purchased some fabric that count we will see. Yours looks amazing. I have never used any Jodyri Threads, but I am really thinking I may need to purchase some.

  2. congrats on finishing another small in time for this post! Looks great.

  3. Great to see another of the DUCJC pieces back and finished. It looks great

  4. These are all so cute!

  5. I've been hearing good things about Jodyri threads. Your stitch is so pretty! I love Seas the Day, both the stitching and the pun. Great post.

  6. Love all your smalls Katie... and another Challenge finish in there too! There's definitely no stopping you this year! :)

  7. A very productive month indeed!! Love all the finishes, especially, the March cat is very cute !!

  8. Oooh I love Seas The Day, your latest finish!!! Great play on word :)

  9. Beautiful stitching your minis are all so cute!

  10. March is really cute - they all have been - so I'm looking forward to April. Your latest finish is sweet and I love the word play.

  11. Wow, that was a lot of smalls stitching last month. And all of them finished. #13 is such a lovely souvenir of the retreat.

  12. Congrats on the cute March finish. These smalls are gorgeous, Seaside Squared is just unbelievable! You're amazing:)

  13. Love your March finish! Wow... that small one is a small one! :o)
    Well done your on finishes :o)
    Hugs xx

  14. Great work on your Smalls this month! Easter was early this year so it throws the calendar out.
    Love the final seaside piece, you're doing well with your DUCJC finishes.

  15. Hi Katie, you have many lovely smalls again! Happy stitching!


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