Apr 30, 2016

Vacation Day # 3

Today we found 3 more lighthouses. We started the morning with this one...
This is Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. The grounds were closed but we still enjoyed a glance at this beauty. We also drove to a park in Marquette. We found two more lighthouses...
Presque Isle Breakwater and...
Way out in the water Granite Island Lighthouse. I had to get a very blurry photo but at least we were able to claim it as seen now. In the park area we also got to watch them load a freighter with coal. Wow what a system. The coal was piled on one side of the road. They load it into an elevator to railroad cars and it goes over the road and then gets dropped down into the freighters from above. We saw one finish up and head back out in the water. It was really neat to see. So thankful we happened upon that park.

We finished up our day in Ashland, Wisconsin. There is another lighthouse right out our window but I'll get a better picture to share tomorrow. We were tired after traveling today. We found some things to do around here tomorrow so we are going to stay another night.


  1. Congrats on finding your way to 3 separate lighthouses. That one way out on the water is a real find.

  2. Great photos! Sounds like a fun trip.

  3. I always love to see pictures of lighthouses. And although I am more of a mountain person I visit a lighthouse when I'm near it.

  4. A hat trick day! That one on the island looks cool.

  5. More lighthouses!!
    Have you had the opportunity to visit them all?
    What a great trip so far :)

  6. So I just have to ask How many light houses have you seen and how far have you traveled - do you have a favorite

  7. I can't believe the first one is a lighthouse - where are the red and white stripes? Good luck with a quieter day tomorrow! :)


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