Aug 6, 2016

World's Longest Yard Sale

Thursday we hit the road. We went over to Van Wert, Ohio and started our day. We went North on 127. We ended our day at Bryan, Ohio. We were keeping track of the garage sales we stopped at. We ended the day with 158 at least for the day!! Friday we headed over but this time we started in Addison, MI at the north end of the suggested route. We made it back to Bryan, Ohio. This time we did a lot less sales but they seemed to be in a larger groups. We ended up with more than 200 sales total for the two days!! The only bad thing was it was horrible hot but we had so much fun the sweat didn't stop us!!

I figured I would share with you a few things. (I posted everything on my FB if you want to see more.)
These cuties were made by a little old lady. She melted the glass in a kiln and then formed them. The square one is a coaster. The little tree is an ornament. We just had to get them from her. She was so sweet.
We fell in love with this decoration. Sticks and acorns. Love how it looks hanging up. It will definitely be a cute decoration this Christmas time. We already talked about adding some more little ornaments or some battery powered lights.

My mom was hoping to find some containers to store cereal and that type of stuff in. We stopped at one place and there was a Tupperware lady.  I know Tupperware is nice but the price was way too high for the container we liked. It was $21. So we decided to wait and see if we happened upon a better deal. Boy did we. We found two for 50 cents each. Then found 2 for a total of 25 cents!!
Yeah they didn't say Tupperware but I bet they'll work just as good. There was other odd and end type of stuff we couldn't live without. We did great! Jeremiah got a huge box full of old WWE magazines so he was a happy kiddo. We got a few Christmas presents to tuck back too.

Last but probably the one that will excite most of my readers...
I found 2 project boxes, some 18ct Aida fabric, container full of black seed beads which work perfect for eyes, and tons of DMC. The ziplock bags were full and $2 each. Then the cardboard boxes were only a quarter a box!! I was so happy!! It was a fantastic weekend full of laughs and giggles. Now we are trying to rest up our shopping legs because Thursday we will head over to Ohio to do the Lincoln Hiway Buyway Sales. It will be 2 more days full of sales all across Ohio!!


  1. Wow amazing. Great stitching haul and love the glass ornaments

  2. Glad to know you enjoyed and got some goodies too:)

  3. Wow! That is a lot of yard sales--looks like you got some great deals and had fun in the process, Katie!

  4. Congrats on getting through so many and great purchases!

  5. You made some fabulous buys! I'm glad it was such a fun time for you.

  6. Wow, what a great haul! Sounds like so much fun and a good way to meet people too.
    That wooden tree would make a wonderful spooky Hallowe'en decoration too, then you could just switch the ornies for Christmas. Double duty!

  7. Wow that's crazy! Even reading this is making me tired lol

  8. Yup--I gotta plan for something like this for the future!! It sure looks like fun!! The glass pieces are very nice, and the Christmas tree is burned into my mind for a project later! Good for you resisting the high Tupperware prices and finding containers that work at a fraction of the price... way to go! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  9. Great finds, and you're right, the last one was awesome:)


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