Oct 2, 2016

Day 4

Today was a long day but we had a blast. We ate breakfast at our favorite place here in OBX Jolly Roger. It was delicious. Then we headed north up to Currituck. I was really excited to show Jeremiah and Mom this Nature Center that I had found in June when I was here with Fred. We pulled in and they had a sign up in the window....Closed for the Season. No! How frustrating. But we got to see the beautiful Currituck Lighthouse again. It's all brick and so beautiful. There is a cute little bookstore right beside it so we had to pop in. Jeremiah found a new book he couldn't live without. Then we drove all the way down to Hatteras Lighthouse. It ends up being about a 2 hour drive down there especially from Currituck. It's a beautiful drive though. We watched some kite surfers and stopped real fast to see the lighthouse and then headed back to our Kill Devil Hills area. It ended up being a LONG LONG day of driving again but Mom's happy. She got to see her lighthouses again. We had a delicious dinner and are DONE moving for the day haha. No pictures so sorry for the boring post. Hopefully I'll do better later. Right now it's mostly things I already have pictures of. Tomorrow we are going to take a lazy day other than a quick grocery run and eating our meals. We need it already. We are tired and isn't vacation supposed to be relaxing? LOL


  1. So frustrating to drive somewhere exciting just to find it closed for the season. But good that you had an alternative to go to.
    Enjoy your lazy day today.

  2. I've had that happen and it is SO frustrating, but you obviously made good use of the day just the same.

  3. Though it's closed for the season, the lighthouses surely made your mom happy. Enjoy your vacationšŸ˜Š

  4. Lol I feel like that on vacation too! Hope you were able to relax some more!


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