Feb 1, 2017

Giveaway Announcement

Today is the drawing for a giveaway I hosted in honor of my 1,000th blog post. I had 7 people enter. I put the names on pieces of paper and let Jeremiah pick one out. The winner is...

Julie from Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal

Congrats Julie! Sorry to the others that entered and didn't win.

In other news I found out I have a problem. Some people lose their mojo. I've done that before. It's horrible. You just don't feel like stitching. Some people just can't find which project they want to work on. They might even have to shop and buy a new project that will make them happy. My problem isn't one of those...

I HAVE TOO MANY THINGS I WANT TO WORK ON. Haha. I'm serious. I have so many projects I'm literally in love with. Plus I have a STACK of things I got for Christmas I want to start. Plus....PEOPLE (You know who you are!) Keep posting beautiful things that I can't live without stitching. Then even my magazine subscription is out to get me. Look at what's on the cover of the new Stoney Creek Magazine...
Yeah....like I can pass that up! Then on Instagram someone posted this one...
It's nautical and patriotic. Jeremiah LOVES patriotic stuff. Plus come on ocean themed creatures as a flag! So I saw who it was by and looked it up. Guess what it's a freebie. What?!? Yep I have to do that.

Rachel posted this adorable monthly cutie she is making for this year's Smalls SAL. Of course I found the pattern for them too and added it to the pile taking over my life.

This is just the beginning of the ones I've seen. It's torture. There are just too many cute things out there. I need to stop looking. I need to just shut off the internet and never have anything to do with the outside world. Then we made our travel plans and I have so many WONDERFUL trips coming up this year How will I find time? So I told my family Feb and Mar I plan on not doing anything productive other than stitching. I don't have time to do another other than sit and stitch on the 3,000 different projects screaming my name. Starting in April through October we have plans. I'm thankful but now I want NEED to hurry and get those X's in!!


  1. Oh Katie, I'm feeling so sympathetic to your plight. NOT! lol
    All stitchers need to be octopi so we can work on 4 projects at a time. Hopefully you will come up for air now and then and let us know how you are doing.

  2. I just got the Stoney Creek Issue in the mail...holy moly it's a good one!
    I think we are all in the same boat, stash wise. I need to stop wanting and start stitching...hopefully WIPocalypse will help me...finger's crossed.
    I just saw two new SALs that I am itching to do, as well...I blame our stitching friends who are all enablers...and I take no responsibility lol.
    Great post and blog Katie.

  3. Congrats to Julie! I feel your pain, my magazines have dramatically added to my to stitch list! The stones creek design is lovely. Happy stitching Katie.

  4. Congratulations Julie:)
    I know what you mean Katie,I found another designer today that I really,really like...but I must be strong and not get any more charts!!!!!!

  5. Congrats Julie, and wow! That is so cool. I'm kind of in love with that SAL Rachel is doing too and need to check out where to find the charts. :)

  6. Congrats to Julie :o)
    Fear of missing out is exactly what a I suffer from.. I see these gorgeous things on FB, blogs for Flosstube and I want to have them in my stash! At the moment I have so many things that I want to stitch that I am trying to do 3 projects a night - 30 mins each to at least feel I am working on them all! Enjoy!

  7. I have my crochet projects in addition to stitching and there are always many to chose from. I don't lose crafting mojo but I feel sometimes I have slowed down a bit. I blame it on watching more movies while stitching. I do get blogging block once in a while but then I bounce back after a break. Even after travelling a lot and being a home school mom you manage to work on lots of projects.

  8. Congratulations to Julie!
    Oh my, Katie, how I know this feeling of being overwhelmed by all the projects I want to start - in addition to all my WIPs that I want to work on non stop. You are right, it's some kind of torture, lol.

  9. Congrats to Julie!
    Lol Katie, we're all on the same boat here: to many projects to stitch & not enough time to work on them... and meanwhile the stash pile keeps on going up!! :D Wish I was that little octopus you've stitched, could work on 4 projects at a time!! :) Have fun focusing on your little xxxxx. By the way, those charts are fabulous!!

  10. Waving to you Jeremiah, thank you for choosing my name (and thank you mum for your generous giveaway).
    That Stoney Creek mag design is so you.... have you started it yet??

  11. Oh no, now you're one of THOSE people! I love the ocean flag!!!
    At least you'll never be bored.

  12. Yeah, yeah, yeah... same predicament here. Tho I haven't 'bought' much lately. Well, a few here and there, that I SAW on FB or wherever! I really could stop looking at designs, just stitch using what I have, and I think it would last me the rest of my life! But--that requires a huge fabric stash, and strong hormones to resist the hype! Yikes! Hugs!

  13. Good luck in you plan to dedicate a couple of months to stitching. It's a pain when life gets in the way of your sewing. I actually cancelled my magazine subscriptions recently, in the hope of seeing fewer projects I fancied. But then you get so many ideas through Facebook!

  14. I feel your pain! I have so many things in my stash already that I can't wait to stitch, and then I just keep seeing more!

    That Stoney Creek design is so "you". Have you started it yet?

    Congratulations to Julie!

  15. Jeremiah has a great smile! :) Congrats on 1,000 posts.

    I love Stoney Creek and beachy ocean themes, so it's a good thing I don't have the magazine. I understand your problem. The temptation is real... ;)

  16. Oh my gosh! You totally enabled me!! I had to go print the freebie. Thanks!

  17. Lol great post! I actually feel like you do a lot of the time too. I just started max color museum shelf but I'm wanting to work on rapunzel too! Too many pretties!


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