May 1, 2017

Vacation Day #12

Today's was my mom's 60th birthday. So we tried to make it an extra special day. We headed to Magic Kingdom for the day.
The castle!!!!
We got to ride a bunch of rides we couldn't wait to ride. Blue Transit, Carousel of Progress, Pirates of the Caribbean, Speedway Cars, Jungle Cruise, Tiki Birds, and the Train. So much fun!!!

Then we got to watch the 3pm Festival of Fantasy Parade. We tried to see it last time but after waiting an hour and half it was canceled because of a storm. This time they saw the radar and started it early but it only rained two drops and then stopped. So it worked out fantastic.
Look at the dragon!! He even shot fire!! I told Jeremiah I wanted one but he was smart and told me no.
We stopped to sit down and take a break. A momma duck and 8 babies came waddling by to visit us. We blocked traffic so she could get them back to the pond.

Then we got to eat Mom's favorite restaurant. Liberty Tavern. We had reservations so we could make sure it worked and it was so good. It's a family style all you can eat good ol food. But again with the dessert being the most important Ooey Gooey Cake with Ice Cream...
LOL My mom and Jeremiah sure enjoyed it. Yes Fred and me did too. So her birthday was a success. Now 3 more park days left. Our poor feet.


  1. Happy birthday to your Mom! Looks like a fantastic day.

  2. Aww bless! Belated birthday wishes to your mum!!
    Fancy that, 2 birthday celebrations while away on holiday :) Yum, that cake looks so naughty it can only be delicious!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jeremiah's Grandmom!
    What a wonderful way to spend your Birthday, you're all having so much fun on this trip.

  4. Belated birthday wishes to your mom! Both grandma and grandson are having great time and creating happy memories:)

  5. Happy birthday wishes Mom, looks like a fabulous birthday celebration for you all.

  6. More fun, Mermaid and Dragon, oh my!
    Fun picture with your Mom, Jeremiah looks so happy. Happy belated to her!


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