Mar 27, 2023

Mar 27th Monday Update

I missed WIPocalypse again. I was going to add it to today but I want to get off this computer and stitch. So maybe later this week. Anyway here is my Monday update though.

Let's see what I did last week. Monday same as every other Monday I did the new section on the Blackwork SAL...

Using DMC 550 on 28ct Davinci Evenweave. Week 12 of 27 in now.

After that on Monday I started the Spring Gnome. Worked on it Tuesday and Wednesday too...

I wanted to be in love with the Spring Gnome but I couldn't get into it because Beer Dragon wouldn't stop yelling for more attention. Like he hasn't had enough lately? But he came back out Thursday and Sunday...

I just had to finish the column I was working on. Plus I see one of his beautiful wings now!! I would love to say it's over now but the next column is yelling for attention. I mean we'll get to see more of that wing!

Friday Jeremiah went over to visit my Dad and Bev for the night. I had an afternoon to myself. Instead of stitching I relaxed and watched shows. Fred and me had a nice evening alone. Saturday we picked up Jeremiah and went to a flea market that we go to every year. It was my mom's favorite winter flea market.

There was a gentleman setup that my mom LOVED their tee shirts. So much so that she requested to be wearing one for her funeral to me many many times. So I wanted to share with him about that. I made it through it with Jeremiah and Fred's support. Gave the guy goosebumps and he was honored to hear it. 

We had a great time and was happy to continue the tradition in mom's honor. 

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. We sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine. Today back to cold and windy haha. You can sure tell it's Spring. Up and Down Up and Down. Sometime soon though it will be time to be outdoors. Until then I need to stitch haha. So I'm off to do just that. 

Have a great week. Love Yourself. Smile.


diamondc said...

Nice progress Katie, the Beer Dragons eye is so pretty.
Nice start on Gnome.
It will soon be spring here.
I would like to have an afternoon to myself and just read and stitch but I have two dogs one cat and a wonderful husband.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I can see why you keep going back to Beer Dragon, he’s beautiful and you’re making such fast progress.
It was lovely that you saw the t-shirt seller and let him know how important he was to your Mum too.

Faith... said...

Sounds like Beer Dragon wants to be the ONLY one out of the box! The Gnome will have to learn to yell a little louder. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Glad you got to pass on your Mom's wish to the shirt vendor; I am sure he was touched; that was very sweet of you.