Jun 26, 2007

New Blog

Well I thought it was about time I branch out to a new blog. Just got tired of the other site. So let's see what I can figure out about this one.

Let's see there is only one way to start a blog. Tell you about me. I'm Katie. I'm a mom and wife. I have a 9 year old son named Jeremiah. I call him j cause it's easier to type haha. My hubby's name is Fred. He is my soul mate and I love him dearly. I'm very lucky to have him in my life. I'm also very close my family and do a lot with my mom and her roommate Betty. They make it possible for us to do the things we do most the time.

Hobbies we enjoy. I do cross stitching. I love it and try to do it at least every day of my life haha. I also model stitch which basically means I get paid to stitch a new design for a designer to take the first picture of. Right now one of my "bosses" is Rosewood Manor. I really enjoy stitching for her. So far I have 2 published pieces from her 1 on the way and 1 in the works. Fred does HAM radio and Storm Spotting. j loves playing playstation and everything else fun. We love traveling and also geocaching. Geocaching basically is a high tech hide and seek. We call it Treasure Hunting and our nickname in the hobby is Treasure Hunting Family. We have found 200 related geocaches so far and been in the hobby since Aug of 2005.

So these things are what you will probably see my write about the most. I'm off for now.


  1. Hey Katie! Good to see ya here! My blog is www.xstitchmama.blogspot.com if you wanna visit. :-)

  2. looks good Katie!!! I will be able to visit more often now that you have blogspot! I will add you to my blog next time I log into it!

  3. Welcome to Blogger. Think you will like it much better here. You have more control over stuff then on yahoo 360. So far it looks good to me. I will add you to my blog as well.

  4. Welcome!
    Great start to a new blog.

  5. Hi Katie glad your blogging. YAY!

  6. Welcome to the blogger, Katie. I saw that Fred likes storm spotting. I studied about that a bit in my meteorology class last semester! Way cool. I wish *I* could stitch every day, you lucky girl. :) The stitching I did at the retreat is the most I've done at any sitting for a long time.


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