Jun 26, 2007

Stitching Retreat

I better go ahead and post this while I can still remember it. This past weekend one of the yahoo groups I'm in called ILCS had a retreat. This one was held in Indianapolis, Indiana. So being 2 hours away I just had to go. I rode down Thursday with a dear stitcher friend Annette. There were 8 local Hoosier Stitchers girls and 4 out of state girls. I was glad to see my old friends and honored to meet the new girls. Of course Michelle, Annette, and me got into trouble as always. But we had fun. Stitching was done but not much too much laughing going on. Sure didn't sleep much cause there is just too much fun to close our eyes. Friday we spent the whole day mostly shopping. I seen 2 models I had stitched for Rosewood Manor released as leaflets at the two LNSs we went to. That was an amazing feeling. A few girls took my pictures holding up the leaflets. I had heard rumors about surprise guest Saturday. Found out later it was Karen from Rosewood Manor. What an honor to meet her. I know I was smiling like a school girl. Her husband complimented me on my work. I seriously thought my heart had stopped for a few moments. I have always had a hard time accepting compliments.

Jeremiah was going to come spend the weekend with me but just wasn't quite feeling up to it yet. So mom brought him down Saturday. He was so glad to get to meet everyone. He is still talking about it. Fred came down Friday after work and spent the weekend with me. So it was a nice vacation for us. He even found a local radio club having a get together to attend Saturday night. I was glad cause then we each had our own fun but still was together.

I stitched mostly on one of my Heaven and Earth designs called Bad Hair Day. I just love stitching on it. It's on 28ct evenweave 1 thread over 1. I love how delicate it looks. I also put a few stitches in Hinzeit Shells for mom. I bought several other things to do stitching so that stitching list just keeps growing and growing and growing. But don't we all do that?

So overall it was a great weekend. Plenty of time to do what was fun. Stitching, Talking with Friends, Making new Friends, and Shopping. What more could you want?


  1. It was great meeting you, Katie. I really had a good time at the retreat. You gals are so much fun! :) The photos of you with your models (leaflets & with Karen) are absolutely precious!!

  2. Im so glad that that I was able to meet you!! The look on your face when I told you that Karen was going to be there was priceless, and I will ever remember you that way. :)

    Thanks so much for allowing J to visit with us. Such a little man, and I loved his manners, and he was so cute!



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