Jul 5, 2007

New Braces

Yesterday was a great day at Shipshewana. Finally it was busy and people spent money. We laughed cause there were some mean stupid people shopping but oh well they spent money at least. They kept talking about storms all day so Jeremiah and them didn't come up to visit. Then it never even so much as rained. My cold about killed me though. By the end of the day I knew I wouldn't make it to the 10pm fireworks. So we talked to j about it and decided to stay home. Then actually we had some great views to nice fireworks right here nearby.

Today Jeremiah got new braces. I guess I haven't really talked about him that much on this blog so I'll do the quick info. My son has cerebral palsy. He got it after birth caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. He was 2 months premature and only 4 pounds when born. Plus the labor and pregnancy is a whole different interesting story haha. So anyway CP basically for him affects his legs to the point he doesn't walk without assistance right now. May 3rd he went through a major surgery that lengthened 3 different tendons in his legs so he could get them straighter. He's doing fantastic but it's a long road of recovery ahead of us.

Okay now that you are caught up I can tell the story. He wears these braces on his legs for extra support. Today was time to get a new set from a new place. The guy's name was Buck and he was so gentle. j is still in some pain and tender from the surgery and Buck was so careful moving him and stretching him. The new braces are totally different and we are looking forward to seeing if they help. When we walked in the lady at the desk told me j's insurance came up just fine. So I just had to laugh at the stupid insurance. So today was paid for *big relief sigh* I think his braces are around $3,000 last I heard. I should ask just to make sure. I'll take pics when we get them. j did some crawling again today and moving around so that's great.

Stitching wise I haven't had any extra time. With this cold I haven't really wanted to stitch cause I figured I would just have to frog it all out later. So I'm taking a mini break. This weekend we are going to a Tractor Pull. We are looking forward to it.


  1. I'm glad the insurance is straightened out... less frustration for you. Glad to hear J is starting to move about. He's such a trooper!

  2. Katie,
    so glad things are looking better for Jeremiah! He can do it! He has the attitude to make it work!!!
    Glad the flea market was better this week!!!
    I hope you get over that cold quick. Summer colds are the pits!!!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!! I appreciate it so much!!


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