Jul 11, 2007

Where did time go?

So let's see if I can say where time went. Fri night, Sat night, and Sunday most the day we attended an Arcola Tractor Pull weekend. It's a small town near Fort Wayne. They have a volunteer fire fighting organization and they do this tractor pull to raise the money they need to run the $80,000 business. We have went once before and loved it so we bought weekend passes. I have added pictures to my webshots album. The link is in my links on the right hand side. Sunday it was 93 out and solid sun. I got burnt bad. Jeremiah didn't of course cause I take care of him haha. Just didn't put any sunscreen on myself until too late. It was hot but we had a lot of fun.

So we have all been looking at houses in the area in papers and online and stuff. Well Monday we had heard about a house nearby. So mom j and I went to look at it. The outside was amazing. Huge backyard. Yeah the house needed work but we loved it. So we setup with the realtor to see inside. YUCK. So we were disappointed to say the least. Then she suggested this different property that sounded better to see. So we sat up an appointment to go see it yesterday. But when we looked it up on the net we didn't like it as much. It was more money than we wanted to spend. Then I just starting searching again. Found a neat sounding one. Mom found another neat one too. So we canceled the appt to see the one and setup seeing these two instead. So yesterday off we went.

What I did realize in here though is I have never house hunted before. So I was having fun and totally excited about more house shopping. So off to the first one we went. Perfect. Oh My Perfect. Then off to the 2nd one. Nope won't work. Kinda okay but not really. We want the first one. One problem someone else was looking at the house right before us. So rush rush to get bid in and beat them. Now it's waiting. Which is killing me. We should know soon tonite if we get the house or not. If we do we can move August 9th!!!! If we get it I'm sure you will hear me scream where ever you are in the world.

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  1. 9th of August. My birthday. I hope that brings you luck and you get the perfect house.


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