Aug 5, 2007

Crazy Week

Wow it's been a busy week. Packing and Packing trying to actually be ready to get the house keys. Wednesday we went to Walmart and got our hair cuts. Thursday my grandfather had my 2 youngest cousins over to swim. So my mom, j, and me ran down to help out. They are 10 and 7. They are the type that never sit down. My grandparent's nursing home has a wonderful pool. So they all went swimming. I went in too to keep "control". Swimming for 2 hours and watching those kids about killed me haha. It was a nice time though. j had a blast of course.

Friday I went over to our apartment. I caught up on emails and relaxed with Fred. We've been so busy packing I just needed to relax a bit. Then Saturday we worked HARD. We hadn't really done much at the apartment so we started on that. Made a lot of progress. Then last night we had a party to go to. We had a very nice time. This is a group of Sigma Phi Epislon brothers. They are a fraternity that we had a lot to do with while Fred and I was in college. It was a very nice time. Fred is going to look into what has to be done to become a brother. He almost was in college but unfortunately his grades weren't high enough. Then we transfered. Anyway they have an alumni program so he is looking into it.

Today we went to Munice Indiana. They have this maze setup that has to do with geocaching. Fred and I had went through it on our anniversary June 2nd. Jeremiah wasn't with us though so we wanted to take him back down. Mom and Betty went along too. We had a blast. The maze is so neat. It's inside so the killer heat outside didn't affect us any. Then we grabbed 3 caches for mom to log. We had a fantastic time indeed. Now Fred is out getting Olive Garden Yum Yum. So I'm off to eat good food.

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