Aug 9, 2007

Work Issues

So this week it's been hot hot with capital H. We have had heat advisories each day Tuesday through today. Mom decided to come home from Shipshewana on Tuesday. She works there are her outdoor flea market booth for those who don't know. She has her own craft business. With it feeling like 105 outside she didn't need to be out. Wed she didn't go either. Then Fred calls from work to tell him he is down to 4 days a week now. He works at a place that makes cement mixers. They don't have any orders and have filled all the orders they did have. He also heard rumors about them laying people off. Now that would just kill us. We live check to check pretty much. So hopefully things turn around soon. He tried to have a sense of humor about it and said At least he can help move now.

I haven't updated on Jeremiah lately. One neat thing has happened. Before the surgery the PTs would measure his leg straightness. He would be able to get to 45 and 55 with 0 being perfect. His PT checked this week and he is at 15 and 22. So that's a MAJOR improvement. Just from the surgery. So that makes us happy. He starting walking on a treadmill again. He looks so cute when he does that. I'm so proud of him. He is really excited about getting in the new house. He wants to swim in our new pool of course.

Stitching....What's that? LOL I haven't stitched anything. Been too busy packing and packing and packing. I finished that model for Rosewood Manor and just put everything down. It's killing me too. I miss it. I just might go relax and stitch for a bit. I deserve it.


  1. Wow you have been busy. Good news about Jeremiah.

    Hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. Congrats to J!!!! That's awesome news :-)

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  4. Great news about J! I hope things turn around at work for Fred. We all know how it is living from paycheck to paycheck. And YES! He can help move now. :)


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