Aug 10, 2007

Got the Keys

Wohoo We got the keys today. The house is officially ours. Jeremiah already took a box of toys to play with haha. Today we went there and tried to map out where we want our furniture and stuff. Then we got to meet the neighbors. I was so worried about them being nice people. I was blown away. They are all our type of people and I could just feel the connection right away. So that helps so much. Kinda funny cause she built the house and lived in it for 7 years. So when we joked about painting she asked which room. We laughed later and said it was like she didn't like our choice haha. Besides that she is great. I can see becoming great friends.

So tomorrow is a Meet N Eat. It's for our geocaching hobby. We all get together and eat. It's a great time. So we will go to that and then hopefully go shopping. We need to buy some paint and things that need in before we can move in. So basically busy busy. Thursday the moving truck comes.


  1. Yay for getting the keys. Is good to know you have nice neighbours - can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

  2. Congrats on getting the keys to your new place. Where's the pics??? :D

  3. Congrats, Katie! I am so happy for you and I look forward to hearing about all your happy times!


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