Aug 12, 2007

Work and Fun

Today we found out you can't have all work and no play. We started the day eating breakfast together. Then did some shopping. It's amazing how fast things add up. With 4 bathrooms to decorate and all the other household stuff we needed we all about died when the total was told. We was walking by the power wheels and this red 4-wheeler grabbed my attention. Jeremiah had a power wheel but grew out of it. So we had promised to get him something new. This one goes to 130 pounds and has everything he needs. So of course his Betty and Grandma just had to grab it for him. He is so spoiled. But you should see his smile. He loves it. While it was charging he had to do some work. We painted the school room. I guess it's a formal dinning area but it's j's school room now. So mom and him had picked out some soft minty green colors. Jeremiah had lots of help from my uncle. But he worked hard.

Then of course after working Jeremiah got to drive the 4wheeler around. He had so much fun. The 4wheeler has two speeds. The max is like 5mph. So that's just perfect for him. Fred was mowing the grass (for the first time) and Jeremiah was chasing after him in the 4wheeler haha. I watered all the plants. Plus I watered my grape vines. I found out that's fun cause I kept grabbing grapes to eat while working haha. I really really enjoyed being outside in my own yard. What a wonderful feeling. Our neighbor came out and said Hiya. Told j he must have the bestest grandma in the world. Jeremiah was smiling ear to ear of course. We tore out the carpet in one room and then cut it to put in another smaller room. It worked perfect. We had our first meal in the new house. We still have a ton to do but things are at least coming together. Busy Busy Busy.


  1. You have brought a smile to my face with your blog post today. Even though you are so busy it sounds like you are having a lovely time.

  2. What a great post, Katie. I enjoy reading about your new home. :)

  3. Great color for J's school room. Tell speedy after he get's off the 4wheeler and done painting he can come and paint some for me, but he would have to play with my dogs first. YAY!


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