Aug 28, 2007

Light at the End

Okay I whined and then yesterday it seemed like maybe things would start looking up. For those who have heard of Jack Hanna I'm very happy to announce Jeremiah, me, and my mom get to go meet him. He is coming to town and giving an invite only show. j's PT gave us her tickets. I'm so excited! I have always had a love for animals and Jack Hanna is just one of those people who have taught me what I know. So I have another thing to add to my things to look forward to list.

I also forgot to talk about this weekend. Saturday was a Meet N Eat. In our hobby geocaching. It was with a friend of ours in a town called Chesterton, IN. It's about 2 hours northwest from here. The funny part is it rained the whole day and then at the start time and when we pulled in the sun came out. We had a very fantastic day. Jeremiah had a blast. I setup a tent and a play area for him at these events. My hopes are to encourage kids to come play with him. It works every time. Here is one picture I caught of j and his friends.

He also was given a special coin. Let's see if I can explain the geocoins first for those who don't understand. In geocaching we have these things called geocoins. You can get one made but they are like $500 for 100 of them. So needless to say not in our future anytime soon. Some people get these and then either sell them or give them to others. A gentleman gave Jeremiah one and started a huge never ending landslide it seems. People keep giving them to j. Now let me tell you j LOVES them. He even has them displayed now at the new house. I'll have to get some pictures to show. Anyway the Indiana DNR made a coin. My aunt and uncle work for the DNR so I expressed that I would love to have one. So a friend of ours told us to come to the Indiana Dunes Nature Center. We got a private tour and the coin. It was very cool. Here is a pic of j with his new coin.

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  1. I can't believe your going to meet Jack Hanna. YAY!!!! I watched him on TV ever since I was a kid. Your going to have a fantastic time. YAY!!! Don't know what a geocoin is but if I see one it's J's.


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