Sep 1, 2007

September Already?

Wow I can't believe it's Sept already. Life has just flown by since April. Can't believe that we are in a house now. I think back to even the beginning of August and laugh that we had no plans for this. A lot has changed in a short time. Let's do this the easier way by topics....

Grandparents - My grandfather made it through his surgery to remove his kidney okay. He has been in pain though and not yet out of ICU. So we are still worried about him. My grandmother found out she has a tumor on her leg and has to go get surgery to remove it on Sept 24th. We joke with them about being married 65 years and that they can't do anything without each other.

House/Apartment - We have been working so hard on the apartment. Today I got everything in our bedroom boxed up at least. Just need to carry it all down. I hurt my hand the other day and it hurts to carry heavy things right now. Plus poor Fred has a head cold. But anyway we are at least making progress. We swam the past three days including today at our new place. Jeremiah just loves the pool of course. We are getting settled in bit by bit.

School - Jeremiah and me sat down and looked at the calender. We hope to start school on the 10th. That gives us all week next week to get the apartment finished. Then get the school room ready and sit down on the 10th and see what we can do. Poor mom is so busy with my grandparents she won't be able to help the first few weeks probably.

Stitching - Finally I started stitching again. I had received a new model from Rosewood Manor while moving. It's beautiful of course. Has a lot of backstitch words so most the time that goes fairly quick. So I've been able to put some stitches in it at least. I also received a PIF that I need to get stitched. Hopefully be able to kit it up tomorrow.

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