Sep 10, 2007

New Starts

Today was a few new starts for us. Jeremiah and I started 4th grade. He really did great. Sat right down after breakfast and worked away. I was impressed by his reading. It has really developed a lot. He did fantastic until Math. Poor kid just hates it. We ran to a teacher store to buy some counting blocks to see if they help. So maybe we can figure it out together. Everything else was amazing though.

Fred started his new job. He says he loves it. So that helps a lot. He works 8 and a half hours so that's a little hard to adjust to. He used to work till 4pm now it's 5pm. But we will figure it out. Today he got off at almost 6 but it was the first day.

This weekend we went to New Castle Indiana and attending another geocaching event. The forcast said rain all day so we were hoping it was wrong. We setup Jeremiah's play area. One time I looked over to see 8 kids playing with him. He was having a blast. I'm so glad we have this hobby. Fred went out with some friends to find some caches. We ended up with 20 finds on Saturday. That's our best record yet. The rain started just as we were ready to come home anyway. It was a very nice day indeed.

This is a WIP update of a PIF I received. PIF means Pass It Forward. In CSF they do this a lot. I jumped on this one cause the new house. First time in my life I've ever felt like I have a home. So I couldn't wait to have this one. Shouldn't take me too much longer to finish it.

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  1. so glad the first day of school went well for you all. Happy that hubby likes his new job. Love the WIP.


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