Sep 13, 2007

Meeting Jack

So today we got to meet Jack Hanna. It wasn't everything I hoped for but it was neat to meet him. I thought he would share his animals or talk. He just kinda stood for pictures. Jeremiah did get to say Hello though and got a signed picture. It was an honor none the less.

*Update* Mercy asked a great guestion. I should have told more about why we got to meet Jack. Jeremiah attends physical therapy. His therapist is a member at our local zoo. She has done this for several years I guess. Jack Hanna was coming into town so a select few got invited to this Meet & Greet. The PT has a daughter at that age where it isn't cool to do this sort of thing haha. Anyway so she offered it to us. I very happily accepted. I love animals and have tried to pass that love to Jeremiah. So we got to go meeet Jack Hanna.

1 comment:

  1. wow wow wow wow!
    How did you get to meet him?
    It's too bad about not meeting the animals but it is nice that you met him :-)


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