Sep 19, 2007

Finish and Other Stuff

Wohoo I have a finish. Now that's something I didn't think I would have for awhile haha. I received this PIF (Pass It Forward) in one of my fav yahoo groups CSF. I love this idea cause I probably would have never bought this cute little chart. I did this in honor of our new home. Now I changed a whole bunch of things. The colors match what I think our house looks like. I left off the chimney cause we don't have one. So it's definately my own piece now.

Poor Jeremiah woke up at 5am this morning. He had a cramp in his side. Then he spent the whole day vomiting. Fun Fun Right? When your as little as he is it really takes a lot out of him that's for sure. He took a long nap this afternoon and is feeling a bit better right now. I called the nurse and she said it's really going around. So just to hang in there. At least I know it's "normal" right now.

Last night we got tickets to see Blue Man Group. I'm so excited. Fred and I got to see them in Las Vegas on our Honeymoon. We both knew j would LOVE it if he could ever go. They are coming to Fort Wayne on Oct 25th. Expensive tickets but well worth it. So we have tickets for get this 4 rows back!! Totally cool!


  1. Katie, congrats on the finish, really cute! I hope Jeremiah feels better soon. Enjoy your 'Blue Man Group' show! Lisa :-)

  2. Congrats on your finish, Katie. Hope J feels better soon.

  3. your finish looks wonderful Katie & what a perfect piece for your new home!!!
    Give Jeremiah gentle hugs from me & tell him I said to get all better. Poor little guy.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to meet a Hoosier! (My dad was born and raised in Marion, so i have a fondness for Indiana.)

    I hope Jeremiah is feeling better.

    About the Kid Nation--there were difficult scenes, the homesickness one, but the one that really upset me was when the older kid hit the younger kiddo. Ugh. However, I didn't think it was nearly as bad as I had expected, and I enjoyed watching them try to figure things out. I would imagine they'll come away from this with tons of self-confidence.

    Nice to meet you!


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