Sep 27, 2007

Sick Kid

Boy time flies when you're having no fun. Jeremiah got over being sick last week. He was only sick a day. Then we had a fantastic weekend camping. Now little dude is sick again. I'm really starting to wonder if he has allergies. Seems like if we spend a lot of time outside he gets a head cold. First off...

The weekend was lovely. Perfect weather for camping. We stayed at Pokagon. It's a state park in northern Indiana. It was for geocaching one of our favorite hobbies. There were 41 teams that checked in. Don't know how many that makes but in our 1 team it counts for 7 people this time around. So probably about 200+ people. Fred and I went up Friday night and set up the camp site. We were right beside some friends so that made for a very fun night. We sat around the camp fire drinking some adult beverages. Saturday we checked into the event and then went off caching with a group of friends. It was a nice time. Had a lot of laughs. Jeremiah and mom got there about 4pm. Then the rush of people cause they all love him. We are just his parents haha. Had a lovely meal and then broke up for the night. Mom and j stayed in the hotel. We went back to the camp site. Sunday they have a DELCIOUS breakfast brunch at the hotel. We ate with a bunch of friends. Then they also have an annual fly in. These sea-planes all fly in from all around. It's so much fun to watch. Jeremiah got to see several up close too. Didn't want to take a ride but looked at them all none the less. Overall it was a beautiful weekend.

Monday start doing school and j is doing horrible. Mom and me get very frustrated. Find out poor j just doesn't feel good. I swear his face was as white as a ghost about noon Monday. So resting. Tuesday same. Wednesday same even though we did try. We started school with vocab which j LOVES. Talked about a word asked Jeremiah what it means got an empty stare back. Yep more rest. Today he had therapy this morning and he is still just so white it's ridiculous. We get to camp this weekend so keep telling him he has one more day to get better. Another time I'm glad he's homeschooled. We can just catch up next week.


  1. Get well soon Jeremiah.

  2. Perhaps the allergy is ragweed; it's pollen count is 3x over the normal range this year. (ie normal count is 500 but this year it is over 1500 in US!) Will any of the over the counter non-drowsy antihistamines help J? He may need to stay indoors in order to get well and to stay well. Wait until the winter freeze comes and kills off all the ragweed pollen; if J keeps having problems until then, you will know ragweed is the culprit without going through the allergy tests. Hope J gets to feeling better much sooner than that though!!!!
    Sincerely, CarolynM in TX


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