Oct 10, 2007

New Project

So I started a new project over the weekend. Just couldn't pass this one up. I love stitching HAED which is short for Heaven and Earth Designs. I love their designs. I have several started already. Well I realized I hadn't seen what was new in awhile. So I went off to look. There was this adorable Pirate Dragon. Now in case you don't know I love dragons. We also LOVE pirates in our family. So this just screamed Stitch Me! I couldn't control myself and just had to start. Now it will be hard to put it down. Okay so with HAED you can stitch them anyway they are suggested over one on 25 count. I do them on 28 ct evenweave 1 thread over one. I LOVE looking at the piece. They little teeny tiny x's are so delicate. Now this little section is 4 centimeteres long by 2 centimetes wide. Yep it's huge. LOL. With only probably 20-30 different colors. These pieces never scan right. You have to look really really close to see the small differences in the shades of color. In person it's beautiful. So soft and changes color so smooth. Anyway this is my new obsession. I HAVE to put it down tonite though and work on the Rosewood model. I want to make more progress on it so I can have the next weekend off for my Pirate stitching. Can I stay strong and wait? Now that's the question haha.

We also found out my grandmother has cancer. Very serious I guess. It's kinda brand new and we don't know much at all. This is very unfortunate. My mom's parents have always been pretty healthy. Now they seem to be taking a turn for the worse. Something about being in your 80's seems to make your body fall apart. Please keep my grandmother in your prayers and thoughts. It will be very very hard to lose her.

Jeremiah is doing great. He got over his cold. Homeschooling is coming along well. We've just been so busy I haven't been able to update a lot. Hopefully I will remember to sooner.


  1. Katie, I will certainly keep your grandmother in my prayers.

    I also wanted to tell you that your HAED looks great so far. You are a better woman than me for sure! I look forward to seeing more progress.

  2. I'm sorry about your grandmother. Will be keeping her in my prayers.

  3. Hi my dear, sure sorry to hear about your grandmother. I've lost alot of my family over the years due to cancer so you all are in my prayers.. LYMI Cherie


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