Oct 17, 2007

Another Update

It's so hard to take a good scan of this piece. The colors are so soft and the change is so subtle. Anyway this is 1,960 stitches in. That means 45,955 stitches left haha. On the first page it's shows 80 stitches wide by 98 stitches high. So anyway this completes this first 2 columns of ten on the first page. Is that clear as dirt? So I'm excited. Now I get to start back at the top again. When I work on these designs I do them row of 20 at a time. But now I will take some time off to work on the model I have for Rosewood Manor. So off to work I go LOL.

Spiders!!! Now for those who don't know I HATE spiders! I absolutely go numb at the sight of them. Just hate them! Anyway since we know live in the country we get them all the time. I love living here but I HATE the spiders. We have even sprayed that Home Defense stuff and it doesn't help. Of course these wolf spiders are like small bears. They probably just walk over the stuff we sprayed haha. So major EWWW!


  1. Gee whiz, Katie...wow! you are an artist when it comes to over 1 stitching! I *do* see the subtle shading and the changes in colors. Looks great so far and thanks for the update! Lisa S


  2. Katie, it looks wonderful!!!!! I love it!!!
    The colors are so pretty!!!!!


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