Nov 5, 2007

Where did October Go?

Okay now seriously where did October go? I must have fallen asleep and missed it. I bet you all think I died. I didn't. I'm alive. Just been so busy. So wow where to start...

We went to see Blue Man! The concert was awesome. For anyone that has seen them you understand. For anyone who hasn't....Why Not? Fred and I had seen them in Vegas when we went for our honeymoon. We promised to take Jeremiah as soon as we could afford it. Well they came to Fort Wayne so we just had to go. It's expensive but so worth it. It was j's first real rock concert. He has been to a play and a christmas special kinda thing but nothing like this. His little eyes were HUGE. During the concert they were giving away back stage passes. If you text messaged this number blah blah. Well we don't have that ability on our phones. So after the awesome concert. Jeremiah asks if we can go backstage. Now I get the fun of explaining No cause it's too expensive to buy those kind of tickets. We make a quick stop at the bathroom and when I come out Jeremiah has this sticker. Fred is smiling and Says Guess What? We can go back stage. Some lady out of the blue (get it?) came up to j and gave him a backstage pass. We asked around and Yep we end up back stage. Here are some pics.

As you can see they "sign" your face. LOL Jeremiah LOVED it. He never wanted to wash his face.

There is so much more to talk about but I have no idea where to start so I'll sign off for now.

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  1. Katie, how fun!!! Great pictures.
    Debra in Indiana


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