Nov 12, 2007

What is Geocaching?

So this weekend we had another Meet N Eat. Since I haven't really talked alot about it I thought why not. So first you can go to the Geocaching Website. It's amazing when you put in your zipcode how many caches are near your house. Try it and see. Anyway basically this is a high tech treasure hunting. You use a hand held GPS unit and find these things that people hide. Here is a picture of one we found Saturday hiding.

There where the red arrow is pointing is what we narrowed down to. The GPS gives you directions and tells you where to walk toward and how many feet are left. A "normal" person just walking by probably wouldn't look this close. But we on the other hand did. Here is what we found.
It's an Ammo can box. Full of goodies. If you take something you leave something. Alot of times it's little cute things from the dollar store. Jeremiah loves it of course cause we find lots of toys and fun things. I put the bouncy ball in and we took a little toy lizard. Then there is a logbook where you sign your team name. Our team is Treasure Hunting Family.
Then the local people have monthly get togethers. We have a local club called NEI-GEO North East Indiana. But we have people from all over. Saturday we had a Meet N Eat. Where yep you guessed it we get together at a resturant and eat. We have probably 50 people Saturday. Then the lady hosting it had put out 12 caches to find. We piled in vehicles and off we went. We had a few friends with us this time around. We ended up finding the 12 and a few more for a daily find total of 16. You get home and log these finds and you get a point. Right now we have 260 finds. One of our friends Saturday have over 5,000. Anyway they are EVERYWHERE. New ones are added daily so the fun will never stop. So that was my day Saturday. So next time I talk about geocaching maybe it will help to know a little about it. It's our fun hobby that gets our butts off the couch.

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  1. Wow that sounds like fun and something my oldest boy would like doing.


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