Nov 18, 2007

Smoking Needles

No this isn't some new drug. Just been busy stitching finally. Yesterday I went to a local stitch in. There was 10 lovely ladies and we stitched the day away. Of course we solved all the worlds problems too. It always helps to fire me up and make me want to stitch when I get home. Luckily today we were only busy for a bit. Fred was working at a HAMfest so we went and visited and then came home. Instead of spending the rest of the day on the computer I actually stitched. I finished the model I had for Rosewood Manor. Another beautiful Bell Pull design. I always love finishing them cause then I know I will get a new surprise in the mail to stitch.

Then I was thinking of what to stitch next. I remembered I had a RR for my ILCS group. I have until Jan but I thought Dec will be crazy so I'll go ahead and start it. An hour later it was finished. Here is a pic.

I stitched July. It was so fast. Jeremiah is very patriotic so I thought I would stitch this in honor of his love for the country. Plus in honor of all the men and women that won't get to be home this holiday season. So after finishing this I'm commitment free. Until I either sign up for something or get a new model that is.


  1. looks great Katie!!! Congrats on a quick finish!!! Sometimes, those are the best kind, aren't they!?!??!!

  2. Your stitch-in sounds great. I need one of those!


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