Dec 17, 2007

Almost Christmas

For those of you who don't know I'm spoiled rotten haha. So Christmas is as exciting for me as it is for my 9 year old. We both are getting very excited. I love Christmas. I love giving gifts to my family. Of course I love receiving them too Who Doesn't? Mom and Betty bought new computers and Fred and I almost bought one. It's just so much money. Plus the one I'm using right now works just fine. Just really needs a faster processor. Now of course because our computer is 3 years old we can't get just one new part. We need basically a whole new everything. So that's really frustrating. I talked Fred out of it. Instead we got a new keyboard haha. Makes the whole thing feel new for just $15.

Jeremiah helped me wrap some gifts today. It's always fun to do together. Of course he just wants the paper tube. The him and the dog started chasing one another. Jeremiah would chase after Clay with the tube the dog would bark and run after j it was funny. I have a few more to do and I'll try to help mom out a bit too of course. She is having a hard time keeping everything hidden. Now that we live together. But I haven't seen anything so it's going good so far.

I haven't been stitching. Starting playing Pokemon on DS again. Man that gets addicting. It was one of those Hey I'm bored with stitching Let's play this for a little bit. Two days later I'm still addicted. Saturday I was supposed to go to a stitch in Indy which is about 2 hours away. Friday a Winter Storm Warning was being talked about so I backed out. Good thing too it got nasty. I guess we got about 6 - 8 inches. It was also really windy. Schools were all canceled today. Anyway Saturday morning Fred and I did the rest of our Christmas shopping. It was SO crazy. People were being so rushed. We did pretty good until we hit Walmart. Every lane was open but we stil waited for 20 mins in the check out line. We got home at 4pm but our shopping is done.

Now it's the wait haha. Sunday we go down to my dad's for the start of Christmas. We will go see a movie and then sleep at their house. Monday we will wake and open presents with them and then go to both my set of grandparents. It's a crazy fantastic family filled day. If I don't check in before that......Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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  1. Katie, have a great Christmas!
    Debra in Indiana


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