Dec 31, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone

It was a fantastic Christmas. We got everything we all wanted and then some. Stitching related mom gave me money for my ILCS Retreat in June. Hubby gave me a coupon for a trip to a LNS.

The rest is not stitching related. My dad made a Treasure Chest for me. It was GORGEOUS. I collect Treasure Chests. This one is extra special cause it's made by my dad. Inside it was a toy truck. I was like Okay. Dad said Katie flip it over. On the bottom was a note they paid off our truck for us. Very exciting news. We were overwhelmed. I still love the chest though even though dad keeps joking it was just the packaging for the larger gift. I got a ton of fuzzy socks. I love those for running around the house. Fred got me some adorable Franklin Mint dragons and a beautiful fairy. Betty got me this neat bird feeder. I've always wanted one like it. We also got some games for each other. Mine is Zelda for DS. Oh my that's addicting haha. Jeremiah of course got several Playstation games and a few for DS. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff. Everything was GREAT! We were all very spoiled. The best gift was being together in our new home.

So Happy New Year Everyone. Be Safe. Here's to a fantastic 2008!!

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