Jan 6, 2008

2nd Finish

Wohoo I'm on a roll. My 2nd Finish. Well I guess it's a large design so I'm not finished with the whole thing but I'm finished with Jan part of it. How perfect. I've heard so many people crabbing about the snow and cold temps. So of course what better thing to be crabby about in Jan than the Snow and Cold. It was a fun stitch. Now I will put it down till Feb.

Yesterday was a fun day. It was a geocaching day for us. Crappy rainy cold weather so glad they were Meet N Eats. The first one was lunch it was at Pizza Hut. There were probably 50+ people there. The guy that hosted it is great so it brought out a lot of people. He gave out free things too so what better to bring a crowd than the mention of the word Free haha. Jeremiah had a very nice time. Then we came home and rested for a few hours. A friend and his family came over to pick us up and off to Michigan for dinner we went. It was only about a 45 min drive. Again for a dinner with 46 people this time. It was in honor of a friend's 2 year old bday. So it was a very nice time. We really enjoyed the trip up and back too chatting with our friends. They have a little girl 18 months. For those who don't know I hate babies haha. But we had a blast. She is so adorable. I got her to talking and giggling. It was great. Jeremiah had a blast again.

Today has been movie day. We watched Starship Troopers. Jeremiah of course loved it. Then we finally got to watch the new Resident Evil movie. It was great. I hope they do another one. I just LOVE those movies. Now we will wait until the new show American Gladiator. Jeremiah is all pumped about it. We watched some old episodes and he's really excited. Plus it has Hulk Hogan. Well and of course pretty girls. What more does j need haha

Tomorrow we start school back up. We keep joking we won't remember how to do it. We are both looking forward to it though. So I'm off to try and get one last finish in. My Jan ILCS Ornament for the SAL.


  1. Very Cute Finish Katie!!!

  2. Amazing stitching progress, your needle must be smoking from flying so fast.


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