Jan 6, 2008

3rd Finish

Wohoo my 3rd finish already in 2008 and it's only the 6th. This is a San Man Original design. She has these beautiful freebies on her message board. This is Snowflake Day 11. I stitched it on a beautiful hand dyed fabric I got from Vickie in ILCS. I used DMC 996 (Fred picked it out) it really is beautiful. This is for ILCS we are having an ornament SAL. So I have Jan finished in Crabby All Year, Jan Block Swap, and Jan Ornament. I'm doing great!! I sure hope I can keep this up cause it feels GREAT.


  1. I love all your recent finishes Katie, awesome job stitching and I have to agree finishes feel great!
    Enjoy going "back to school"!

  2. Love the two newest finishes..Congrats.

  3. Wow, girl! You've been finishing up a storm. Good for you! They all look great. :)


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