Jan 21, 2008

Motor Cross Weekend

Here is my little Jeremiah during the fun Motor Cross Weekend. We went Friday night and Saturday night. It was a blast. Jeremiah's smile says it all if you ask me. They added a mud bog this year. It was so neat. One class is little kids on little bikes. The one that won was 6 years old. We couldn't believe it. I told Jeremiah our my dead body haha. I have way too high anxiety for him to get away with that. One kid wrecked and hurt his leg. He had to be carried off the field. Not as bad as last year. They gave a kid an IV right on the dirt.

Saturday Fred and I went to see Cloverfield. It was good except a few things. I would have liked more answers. I didn't like the references to 9/11. I think we can all do without that. But it was overall a great movie. It was filmed like Blair Witch was. Kinda like a kid in the movie filming the whole thing. Which made it very unusual. Anyway we had a nice time. Sunday we just stayed home. It was COLD outside! We watched Shrek 3 and played a game together. It was a very nice weekend.

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  1. He does look happy and it sounds like fun.


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